About me?

I’m a sociologist of education who is currently pursuing my PhD degree at Griffith University (Mt Gravatt Campus) in Brisbane, Australia. 

At the moment, my research questions are: What is controversy? How is controversy discursively constructed in curriculum policy? How is ‘controversy’ enacted and recontextualised in different policy ‘sites’? In particular, I’m using the work of Basil Bernstein and Michel Foucault to explore the politics of recontextualising Liberal Studies pedagogic discourse in Hong Kong secondary education.

Before moving to Australia in 2018, I worked as a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education and Languages at the Open University of Hong Kong. I graduated from the University of Hong Kong where I studied English Language Education and Comparative Literature. I also won a prestigious scholarship to pursue my Master of Philosophy degree in Education (Politics and Policy) at the University of Cambridge. I also taught in two secondary schools before entering into academia. 

I’m a mix of serious academic with some lighthearted fun to understand life. In my free time here, I love driving my own BMW around Queensland and New South Wales and visiting the beautiful national parks in Australia. The tranquility of the countryside in Japan and Australia is of utmost importance to my wellbeing. I love sports – especially working out in the gym and Muay Thai. Sports to me now is a way to beat stress rather than competition, especially after so much work in writing up my PhD thesis.

I’m currently following the works of: Basil Bernstein, Michel Foucault, Stephen Ball, Jacques Ranciere, Bruno Latour, John Law, Isabelle Stengers, Sarah Whatmore, Deleuze and Guattari, Peter Sloterdijk, Stuart Hall, etc. From time to time, I’m contributing to Hong Kong Free Press and Philosophy Medium about my thoughts on education, politics and society.